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Published by on November 19, 2021
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Most of the Chinese watch brands offer low-priced alternatives. But the materials that compose them are also of low quality: acrylic glass, low-end plastic or metal case, average finishes…

You could say: you get what you pay, but not much more.

What about the quality of LIGE watches?

The case of LIGE is different. LIGE is a relatively new brand in the watch industry. From the beginning, its ambition was to reach the reputation of brands like Seiko or Citizen.

In order this reputation, LIGE did not skimp on the means: numerous watches with elegant designs, a catalog providing several ranges of watches, renewed every year.

That’s why the quality of materials used in the manufacture of LIGE watches is superior to that of other Chinese brands. This quality of materials is comparable to that of other famous brands.

We will check it below with some LIGE watches of different price ranges.

LIGE luxury watches:

At the top end of the range, with prices around 100-150 USD. There are incredible watches for their price: sapphire crystal, automatic mechanism, tungsten case, water resistance of 5 and 10 bars.

The quality-price ratio is excellent.

Exemple watch LIGE model 6802:

Montre LIGE Model 6802

LIGE quartz watches:

In the other ranges you can find quartz watches, with Japanese mechanisms among the most precise (Seiko), hardlex glasses and stainless steel cases, waterproofness between 3 and 5 bars at prices around 30-60 USD.

Exemple: Lige model 8943:

Montre LIGE Model 8943

LIGE smartwatches:

In terms of smartwatches, we also have quality watches. With hardlex glasses, stainless steel cases, and watches that are waterproof to 3 bars and have good autonomy (generally one to two weeks depending on use) at prices around 20 to 60 USD.

Exemple: LIGE model BW0267

LIGE Smartwatch Model BW0267

All LIGE watches benefit from a good level of finishing. We can say quality of LIGE watches are very good for it’s prices range.

The reputation of LIGE is excellent with its customers, so one might ask why buy more expensive watches?

Being one of the managers of this website, you can say I am biased, I have a vested interest in advising these watches.
Below are some links, and I encourage you to do your own research, to make your own opinion.

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