Warranty Policy

Delivery of goods

  1. The goods will be delivered to the customer through a carrier, normally ‘Correo de Chile’, unless otherwise indicated. The costs for the transportation of the goods will be paid by the customer. Also depending on the product, transportation may be free of charge, as indicated at the time of purchase.
  2. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must check the goods he/she is receiving, in front of the delivery person, to ensure that they are correct and complete as indicated on the invoice, and to reject them if not. Any claim will have to be made by mail and within 24 hours after the goods have been dispatched, and no further claim will be accepted.

Procedure for the return of goods due to technical problems

  1. First of all, the customer must contact ‘the company’ through the e-mail postventa@webtecnochile.net describing the problem or the reasons for the return of the goods and the related information.
  2. In case of agreement, the customer will receive the necessary instructions for the return of the goods.
  3. The return of the goods to “the Company” must be with freight prepaid by the customer. In addition, it will be the customer’s responsibility to send the goods insured, since “the Company” will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage to the goods during the transit period.
  4. Requirements to be met for goods returned to “the Company”:
    • It must be truly defective products, being at the customer’s expense the operating costs in case the products are in good general condition.
    • The merchandise, at the time of return, must be accompanied by the original invoice, as proof of purchase and with a complete list of the problems with each of the products to be returned.
    • The merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, which includes its packaging material, accessories, manuals, cables, programs, software, etc.
  5. The merchandise returned to “the Company” will be examined to ensure the effectiveness of the damage reported. Those goods that do not have any damage will be charged a labor cost of 2 U.F. for each half hour of work involved in the review of the products.
  6. The Company will not accept the material delivery of products that do not comply with the following requirements:
    • Merchandise returned without the original invoice or partial shipments;
    • The serial number of the returned goods is not the same as on the original invoice;
    • The merchandise was not sold directly to the customer by “the Company”;
    • When repairs, modifications, adjustments or installations of options or parts made by persons or personnel not authorized by “the Company” are detected;
    • When marks or physical damage to the product is detected for any reason (components that are written on, painted, burned and/or scratched);
    • When the products have had the bar code of “the Company” and/or the manufacturer removed or altered.


  1. All products sold by “the Company” have a limited warranty, which is specified by their respective manufacturer. “The Company” does not grant warranties other than those extended by the manufacturer, “the Company” will assist the customer upon request.
  2. The warranty is automatically cancelled if there is evidence of misuse, modification or improper installation.
  3. Any goods returned during the warranty period that are no longer available in the local market, “the Company” will make every effort to acquire them abroad and is not responsible for any delay that this may entail. If it is not possible to obtain such product or repair it, “the Company” will accept such product and will proceed to refund the amount based on the lower of the invoice value or the current market value. The amount resulting from this operation will be applied as a credit to the customer through the purchase of a replacement.

Merchandise returns against credit

  1. In the event that the customer wishes to return merchandise for credit on a purchase and the return is accepted by “the Company”, the following conditions must be met:
    • All returned merchandise must be in as-new and resalable condition, in its original packaging, with all packing materials, accessories, manuals, cables, software, etc. A copy of the original invoice is also required as proof of purchase and the product must match the invoice.
    • Returned merchandise must show no visible signs of use, damage or modifications.
    • No credit will be granted unless all the conditions described above are met.
  2. Accepted the return of the goods “the Company” will issue a credit note for 100% of the value of the product, if the product is returned within 8 days from the date of the invoice, otherwise 15% of the value of the product will be deducted as long as they do not exceed the maximum period of 30 days from the date of issuance of the invoice.